MRRF 2019 Alien3D 12 Foot Tall Community Print

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Okay, so by now you may have seen my Alien3D Mascot designed by Garrett and Chelsey at ChaosCoreTech

Giant Alien3D Community Build Parts

11.79 feet by 8.84 feet by 8.84 feet

Well, I wanted to do something for MRRF 2019, and I wanted to do something BIG… unfortunately I went TOO big for me to get it done in time. So here’s the scoop…

12 Foot Tall Alien3D Mascot! Yes you heard right, 12 FOOT! It’s going to be nuts, and still not sure how I’m going to get it there lol (taking sponsorship donations for transporting hahaha)

In the mean time, I need the 3D Printing Community’s help to get the parts printed. Below you should see a table that allows you to claim files to print. If you don’t see a table, you should see login options. If you’re already a member of the site, you can sign in with that. Or you can sign in with Twitter!

Why the need to sign in? Well, mainly tracking purposes. When people claim a part I can mark it as being claimed, printed, sent, received etc.


Note, you will need to have an available printing volume of at least 200 x 200 x 200 and you may need to orient the parts to fit the best on your printer.

So, here we go!…

Send completed parts to:
15656 NE Highway 314
Silver Springs FL 34488

Use any filament type and any color you want, though we will be using 3DGloop to bond the parts so PLA is preferred. Be sure to write the part number anywhere on the part you print and send. If you can tell which is the inside of the part, please do it on the inside. Customization of the parts is allowed (such as embedding your logo into it), but please do not change the SIZE of the part. Also, please no profanity added to the parts. Be respectful.

Please be sure to come back and mark your parts as being sent at least, though you can mark as printed, sent and/or unclaim parts you have claimed.


Alien 3D MRRF 2019 Community Print Parts
Login with Twitter by clicking the Twitter icon below:
or use your existing Alien3D account:


# of Files # Claimed # Unclaimed # Printed # Sent # Received
764 759 5 719 704 697
# Alien3D 89 70

Unclaimed Files

If a part has been claimed after you've already loaded this page, you will get a message stating so and the line will be updated accordingly.

IDFileClaim & DownloadView
4207.3.6.stlLogin to Claim
4427.6.5.stlLogin to Claim
4467.7.2.stlLogin to Claim
4507.7.6.stlLogin to Claim
68021.6.0.stlLogin to Claim

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      You can use either number if you’re marking the parts. The File Name column is what I use to piece them together as it tells me the location of the part as I’m putting together the puzzle lol

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      All of the parts have been claimed, and I have received a number of boxes I haven’t checked in yet. I know there are some people still printing parts as well that they should be sending soon.

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