UFO Accessories

Links to 3D Printing accessories that have been included in the UFO. Links to accessories on Amazon are affiliate links.

July 2018: Buildtak Bed Sheet Applicator
August 2018: Buildtak Spatula
September 2018: Captubes PTFE Cutter
October 2018: Slice Boron Nitride Paste
November 2018: Repkord Nozzle Cleaning Kit
December 2018: 3D Gloop PLA
January 2019: Micro-Swiss Hardened Steel Nozzle
February 2019: Ratchet T-Handle Metric Tapping Set (Amazon)
March 2019: 5 Tubes Arteza Acrylic Paint (Amazon)
April 2019: 3D-Fuel Dyna-Purge Nozzle Cleaning Filament
May 2019: Folding LED Lightbox Tent (Amazon)
June 2019: 3D Printing Tool Kit (Amazon)
July 2019: BuildTak Surface with Alien3D Logo
August 2019: 4 x Snolabs Filament Mylar Bags
September 2019: Mechanical Dial Indicator (Amazon)
October 2019: Alien3D T-Shirt
November 2019: Deburring Tool with Blades (Amazon)
December 2019: 3D Gloop PETG
January 2020: 10 Piece 1/4 Inch Drive Vanadium Chrome Sockets
February 2020: 6 Piece Needle File Set (Amazon)
March 2020: Plato 170 Flush Cutters (Amazon)
April 2020: Solar Powered Turntable (Amazon)
May 2020: Digital Caliper with Case (Amazon)
June 2020: 4 in 1 Allen Key Driver (Amazon)
July 2020: 1 Meter Captubes
August 2020: Super Lube 51004 Synthetic Oil with PTFE (Amazon)
September 2020: Zyltech Nema 17 0.9 Step Angle Stepper Motor
October 2020: Zyltech Extrusion Spool Holder (Don’t see it on their site anymore)
November 2020: 32GB Micro SD Card (Amazon) with Standard Adapter and USB Adapter (Amazon)
December 2020: Glue Gloop PLA
January 2021: 100 x M3 5mmx5mm Brass Inserts (Amazon)
February 2021: 1/4″ drive Finger Ratchet (Amazon)
March 2021: 13 in 1 USB Voltage/Current tester (Amazon)
April 2021: 5 Piece Paint Spatula Set (Amazon)
May 2021: 18 in 1 Snowflake Multitool
June 2021: Mini Multitool Pliers (Amazon)
July 2021: 100k type Cartridge Thermistor
August 2021: 3 Arm Soldering Helping Hands (Amazon)
September 2021: Silicone Magnetic Soldering Mat (Amazon)
October 2021: 60w Soldering Iron (Amazon) (Do not recommend for soldering, but great for heat setting inserts)
November 2021: 10 Piece 1/4 Inch Drive Vanadium Chrome Sockets
December 2021: Nano Gloop
January 2022: 320 PCS JST 2.0 Connector Kit (Amazon)
February 2022: Pin Vise Hand Drill (Amazon)
March 2022: 3 PCS Wire Brush Set Stainless Steel/Nylon/Brass (Amazon)
April 2022: 6 PCS Anti-Static Stainless Steel Tweezer Set (Amazon)
May 2022: 1200 PCS Ferrules Kit (Amazon)
June 2022: 2 x Sliceworx Heat Bed Glue Sticks
July 2022: Captubes TL, XL or XL Liner
August 2022: Filament Welder (Amazon)
September 2022: MicroSwiss Nozzles
October 2022: Auto Adjusting Wire Stripper (Amazon)
November 2022: No Tool, Expensive Project
December 2022: Mini-Table Clamp (Amazon)
January 2023: Dual Mini Socket/Driver Ratchet (Amazon)
February 2023: Mini Prybar Set (Amazon)
March 2023: 5 pcs Dex Driver Set (Amazon)
April 2023: Mini Digital Spirit Level (Amazon)
May 2023: Vision Miner Nano Polymer
June 2023: HotPoly3D Fusion Lock
July 2023: WHAM Mini Slap Mats
August 2023: A830L Multimeter (Amazon)
September 2023: Feeler Gauge Set (Amazon)
October 2023: EverBrite Flashlight
November 2023: 25 in 1 Mini Driver Set with Case (Amazon)
December 2023: 328 Pcs Heat Shrink Wire Tube (Amazon)
January 2024: Carbon Steel Needle Nose Pliers (Amazon)
February 2024: Hardened Steel Flush Cutters (Amazon)
March 2024: Inline Filament Dust Cleaners (Amazon)

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