What is a U.F.O. Mystery Box?

Unidentified Filament Objects


Try Before You Buy

Full UFO + Filaments Only
Recieve at least four 20 meter filament samples that you may be wanting to try out, but don't want to spend the money for buying an entire roll before knowing if you like it.

Surprise Items Every Month

Full UFO + Project & Accessory
In addition to filaments, you will receive 3D Printing related products. Past items have included BuildTak Spatulas, Captubes PFTE Cutters and Additional samples.

Additional Savings

Full UFO + Filaments Only + Project & Accessory
And that's not all! Included in every box are additional codes and coupons for savings that you wont find anywhere else for products on our and our sponsor's websites!

Bonus Project / Activity

Full UFO + Project & Accessory
Still More! Each month you will receive items that can be used along with 3D Printed parts that we will link to for a project you can build! A mix of practical and fun projects such as Robots, Clocks and Drift Motocycles!


Full UFO
1 Random Subscriber Each Month will receive the MOTHERSHIP BOX! This box will contain 1 or more additional items of value that will depend on the sponsor for that month. Examples from past boxes... Mosquito Magnum Hotend from Slice Engineering, BuildTak PEI Sheet and 15% off Flexplate, BLTouch Bed Leveling Sensor, 4 Meter Captubes Bowden Kit Bundle ... who knows, maybe we can get a printer or other items of high value! We will continue to work with partners for items.

Full Details

U.F.O Mystery boxes generally ship out the 10th of every month. A timer will display on the website to display the last day to sign up to receive the current month box which will generally be 10 days before shipping.

Monthly UFO Box

Each Full U.F.O. Mystery Box will contain a minimum of 4 filaments at approximately 20 meters in length. Currently only 1.75 diameter filaments are available. At least 1 additional item will be included in each box as an accessory that is related to 3D Printing technology. Examples being: PFTE Tube Cutters, Build Surface Applicators, BuildTak Spatulas, Boron Nitride Paste etc. Electronics components will be provided for a project to go along with 3D printed parts that you will need to print yourself to build the final project.

Additional items may be included in each box depending on what we can acquire for any given month. Example items may include coupon codes for discounts on participating websites, gift cards, software license codes or free samples.

1 subscriber each month will receive a MOTHERSHIP UFO BOX! This box will include everything from the normal subscription box*, as well as 1 or multiple products provided by partners or sponsors. Examples of items: BuildTak Flexplates, BLTouch Bed Leveling Probes, Mosquito Hotends, Captubes Bowden Mega Pack etc. Subscriber will be picked at random by a computer by feeding it the names of each subscriber and seeing which subscriber name it spits out.

* Items may be substituted, for example if the UFO comes with a small item the Mothership may instead come with a large version of the same item.

Monthly Filaments Only Box

Each Filament Only U.F.O. Mystery Box will contain a minimum of 4 filaments at approximately 20 meters in length. Currently only 1.75 diameter filaments are available.

Monthly Project & Accessory Box

Each Project & Accessory U.F.O. Mystery Box will contain the project parts and 3D Printing related accessory for that month.


Brands Included in Past UFOs

3D Fuel Capricorn PFTE Tubes H and H 3D Plastics