What is a 3D Printing Mystery Box?


Try Before You Buy

PLA, PETG or Explore Filaments

Recieve four or more 18 meter filament samples that you may be wanting to try out, but don't want to spend the money for buying an entire roll before knowing if you like it.


Surprise Items Every Month

Treats & SWAG

In addition to filaments, you can receive bonus items when available - snacks, SWAG, or bonus items from sponsors related to 3D Printing


Additional Savings

Get access to exclusive discounts
And that's not all! Included in every box are additional codes and coupons for savings that you wont find anywhere else for products on our and our sponsor's websites!

Bonus Project / Activity

+ Project & Accessory
Still More! Each month you will receive items that can be used along with 3D Printed parts that we will link to for a project you can build! A mix of practical and fun projects such as Robots, Clocks and Drift Motocycles!

Full Details

3D Printing Mystery boxes generally ship out the 10th of every month pending any logistical delays. A timer will display on the website to display the last day to sign up to receive the current month box which will generally be 10 days before shipping.

Monthly Box

The 3D Printing Mystery Box has options...

You can choose between PLA, PETG or Explore samples - or a combination of either or all. PLA will contain only PLA samples from basic PLA to Silks and simple composites that aren't difficult to print. PETG will contain only PETG type samples or variations that have the same printing properties. Explore filaments can be anything other than standard PLA/PETG. Such as Wood, Carbon Fiber or Glass filled, Nylons, TPUs, ASA, Polycarbonate, etc. Get 4, 8 or 12 samples each month!

Projects & Accessories

In addition to filament samples - or no samples at all - you can receive electronics components and accessories each month. The projects will come in the form of components that you can use with 3D Printing parts to build a final device. From fun projects such as Digital Dice or Simon Says games, to practical projects like Temp & Humidity monitors or Filament Weight scales. Accessories provided will be either 3D Printing related or helpful tools for electronics building.


Brands Included in Past UFOs

3D Fuel Capricorn PFTE Tubes H and H 3D Plastics