All About Our U.F.O. Monthly Mystery Boxes | The Subscription Box for 3D Printing

3D PrinterWhether you’re a 3D printing hobbyist, a professional, or just got your hands on your first 3D printer, you’re likely going to (if you haven’t already) run into the problem of running out of filament.

Subscription boxes exist for almost every purpose, from meal delivery kits to skincare to toilet paper. There’s a subscription box for essentially everything, and your 3D printing passion isn’t going to be left out of the monthly delivery craze!

Our 3D printing subscription box – U.F.O. – helps you make sure you never run out of filament. And you get to diversify the products you use every month with our sample-size filaments, so you can continue your search for the best filaments for all your 3D printing needs.

What is a U.F.O. Mystery Box?

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? In the extraterrestrial world of Alien3D, U.F.O. stands for “Unidentified Filament Objects”. Every month, we’ll send you a box filled with filament samples (at approximately 20 meters long), a 3D printing accessory, a project kit, and other fun goodies such as discount codes, stickers and chocolate.

There are a variety of different subscription boxes to choose from. So, whether you want the full box, a filament only box, or a project and accessory box, Alien3D has you covered. We’ve included a variety of filament types (such as PLA and metal) from reputable brands in our subscription boxes, including 3D-Fuel, AIO Robotics, Amazon Basics, and more!

See what we’ve included in our past boxes.

3D Printing ProjectMore than Just a Box

While our U.F.O. Mystery Boxes are a lot of fun, they’re also good for using educationally. They provide a great opportunity to teach beginners, adolescents, and technology enthusiasts about computer programming, engineering, creating, teamwork, and more. You can use the products in our mystery boxes to teach and learn STEAM-related skills. Who says education can’t be a blast?

How You Can Get One

Signing up for a U.F.O. Mystery Box is easy! Throughout our website, you’ll see a countdown in the upper left-hand corner that tells you how long you have to order a box for the upcoming month. Go to our U.F.O. page and select “Subscribe Now” or any of our other mystery box options.

Who We Are

Alien3D is your premier source for all things 3D printing. 3D printing is not just our business, but our passion. We sell a variety of 3D printing products and accessories for beginners all the way to advanced-level 3D printing enthusiasts.

We’re a unique brand that enjoys building partnerships with our customers and helping them fulfill their 3D printing goals. Let’s take your 3D printer to the next level! For more information on Alien3D, our U.F.O. Mystery Boxes, or any of our other products, contact us here.

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