The State of the UFO – June 2019

First off let me start by saying… no this isn’t a goodbye letter lol. I’m not going anywhere and plan on continuing the UFO’s for as long as there is interest!

But… I want to be completely honest with everyone… to the subscribers especially… I AM SORRY. I know some of you are probably tired of hearing that, but… it’s what I have right now.

Some of you have told me that you don’t even notice when they’re late because you don’t know when they’re supposed to go out in the first place lol… My goal each month is to have them at the post office on the 25th of each month… however 7 of the last 12 months of the UFO’s have been late. Some by only days, some by a couple weeks. Frankly, that makes me sad. Some of it has been my own fault in dropping the ball, some have been due to personal reasons, and some… well let’s just put that blame on me too. I’m not going to give any of you any excuses, but a promise to do better.

This month I ordered everything earlier than normal… and here it is, June 1st, and 2 items STILL haven’t arrived. One I know will be here on Monday, the other I am not 100% sure as I am waiting on a tracking number. For the record though, I put the order in on May 5th… which should have been plenty of time to receive the item, prep it for the UFO and get it out.

I’m fed up. I’m fed up with myself and the standard of service that I owe each and every one of you. I’m fed up with orders coming in late that prevents me from getting the UFO’s out on time. Most of the time I pride myself on trying to provide the best service and the best customer service that I can. I know though that I am failing at the service part with the UFO’s… again… I AM SORRY!

But sorry doesn’t mean anything if it just keeps happening over and over again. They’re just words that have no meaning without actions behind them.

That said, this month is a little too late for any major changes as I am already in progress of getting the July Anniversary / Independence Day UFO ready. However some small changes behind the scenes will be happening this month, and starting with the August UFO a couple bigger changes will be made. I won’t mention exactly what, some of you I am sure will notice what is different. Change is being made though, because I am determined to start getting the UFO’s out on time… even ahead of schedule if I can manage to do so. Additionally, I am going to have an extra brand of filament on stand by and work towards having a project and accessories on standby as well in case anything happens and I need to do a last minute change… that way you aren’t waiting because of delayed supplies. Just might have to print out some stickers to put over the tri-fold parts getting replaced lol

Since January I’ve had a team of subscribers and non-subscribers helping me with ideas for projects, accessories, suggestions for filaments to go along with the themes. I’ve also been getting feedback from the 6 month survey that goes out to those who have entered their 6th month of receiving the UFO. I will not name any of them right now, as with my failures the last few months I’m not sure they’d want to be known as associated with the UFO’s lol.

Maybe I’m being too hard on myself, I don’t know. However I am extremely disappointed with myself. Some things I kept hoping would get better and they haven’t. Some things I still have hope for, but only time will tell if they do. To my project part supplier… thank you SO MUCH for all of the support you’ve been giving me. Without you I definitely would be up the creek without a paddle if it weren’t for you. To the companies who have supported me with being able to get amazing filaments at a discount to ensure that the subscribers get some great filament to play with, thank you! Finally to the subscribers who keep on trucking through the mud with me and staying with me despite my failed efforts… THANK YOU the most.

I’m about to send out the 12th UFO, currently prepping the 13th… it’s been a journey for sure and I cannot wait for the continued adventure ahead of us.

Josh ~Alien3D

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