Included Parts

as of 10/12/2020 prototype BOM
Item QTY Need
BIGTREETECH GTR 1.0 32bit Motherboard + M5 Expansion Board 1
Slice Engineering Copperhead Hotend 1
Bondtech Extruder 1
IGUS Drylin Linear Rails with Blocks 7
TMC2209 Stepper Drivers 5
600 X 600mm MIC6 Aluminum Bed 1
48mm 0.9 Deg Stepper Motors 4
Closed Loop Stepper Motors, S42B Motor with Driver Board and LCD Screen 2
TFT35 v3 Dual Mode Touchscreen/Marlin Interface 1
2020 Extrusion - 700mm, Ends tapped, Green 12
2020 Extrusion - 740mm, NOT tapped, Green 2
2020 Extrusion - 700mm, NOT tapped, Green 2
2020 Extrusion - 610mm, NOT Tapped, Green 1
2020 Extrusion - 560mm, NOT Tapped, Green 2
Black Corner Plates 16
3 way 2020 Corner Cubes 8
Stepper Motor Wires, 1m 2
Stepper Motor Wires, 1.5m 2
Stepper Motor Wires, 2m 2
USB-C 3m wires 2
560 x 560mm, 500W, 110V AC Silicone Bed with Thermistor 1
SSRs 1
AC Fused power switch 1
Black/Red Pair, Fork Terminals, 18 Guage, 2m 1
5015 24v Variable Speed Blower Fan 1
6025 24v Silent Fan 1
600x600mm Custom Aluminum Bed MIC6 1
24v Mini-UPS 1
Textile Sleeve, 1.5m 3
T8x2 Leadscrew, 730mm, w/ Anti-Backlash Nuts 4
Joint Couplers 4
Pillow Blocks 4
3000mm NEO Pixel Strip 1
Gates GT2 10mm width, 2mm pitch belts, 1000mm 8
GT2 10mm, 2mm Pitch, 16 tooth, Pulley, 5mm Bore 2
GT2 10mm, 2mm Pitch, 20 tooth, Idler, 5mm Bore 6
GT2, 10mm, 2mm Pitch, 20 Tooth SMOOTH, Idler, 5mm Bore 2
Flexible extrusion strips (Black) 1
LSlot 2020 Corner with metric grub screws 40
M3x8 24
M3x10 16
M3x12 30
M4x8 14
M4x12 10
M4x35 2
M5x8 20
M5x10 200
M5x12 20
M5x18 8
M5x20 6
M5x38 4
M5x56 2
M6x16 2
M5 TNuts 100
M5 Nyloc 30
M3 Nyloc 50
Nylon Washers, 5mm bore 2mm thick, 20mm dia 16
All brackets below, Aluminum 6061, 3.2mm thick  
Custom Bracket, X-Idlers 2
Custom Bracket, Y-Idlers 2
CustomBracket, Carriage-Idlers 1
Custom Bracket, Z-Motors 4
Custom Bracket, XY-Motors 2
Custom Bracket, Lifts 4
Custom Bracket, BLTouch 1
565x565 Textured PEI Flexplate with Magnetic Sheet, High Temp 1
Work In Progress

Tesseract 3D Printer Kit Instructions and Information

Updating Firmware

GTR 1.0

The Tesseract comes with a BigTreeTech GTR 1.0 board, it's a 32bit board running on an ARM processor - STM32F40IGT6

In order to update the firmware, you may need to deviate from your usual methods if you're used to using Arduino IDE - I absolutely could not get it to work using Arduino.

Instead you will need to download Visual Studio Code and add the Platform IO extension. Additionally, Marlin has an extension that can also be added to build and upload Marlin directly to your board.

More details on installing those and that process to come.

Download and extract the latest version of Marlin 2.0 somewhere on your computer.

You then need to download the following file ... File link to come ... for the configuration and configuration_adv and the pinout file (trying to get these added to Marlin)

Overwrite the following files with the ones for the Tesseract:


Open the main Marlin folder in VSCode - There's numerous ways to do it such as File > Open Folder.

Click on the PlatformIO tab on the left, looks like an Alien Head! lol and then click Build.

Then in your Main Marlin folder you should see a folder called .pio - if not, then you may need to show hidden files. Navigate to...

/Marlin/.pio/build/BIGTREE_GTR_V1_0 and copy the firmware.bin file to the MicroSD card that should have come with your BTT GTR 1.0.

Insert it into the GTR 1.0 MicroSD slot and turn the power on. It will auto flash the new firmware.

TFT35 v3

The Tesseract comes with a BigTreeTech TFT35 v3 Touchscreen. It can be swapped between Touchscreen mode and Marlin mode. You switch between the 2 by holding down the rotary encoder for a couple seconds, and then choosing which mode to display in.

If you'd like to download BTT's default firmware for the screen, head over to

If you'd like to download the Alien3D custom icon set, download them here ... File Link Coming ...

There are 2 screen sets from BTT - a "Classic" and a "Unified". I personally like the Unified which is what comes default on the Tesseract.

When you download the firmware, simply upload the bin file (BIGTREE_TFT35_V3.*.bin) and the TFT35 folder containing the font and icons files, to the included SD Card and plug it into the TFT.

Turn the power on to the printer and it will auto update the firmware.