Tesseract 3D Printer Kit (Pre-Order)


Alien3D Tesseract 3D Printing Kit: (Currently in Prototyping Stage, no release date is currently confirmed) See details below.


Due to increase pricing of parts I’ve upgraded, I’ve had to increase the price of the printer. All pre-orders already placed will be honored as the lower price already paid.

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  • 740mm x 740mm x 740mm outer frame, LDO Motors 2020 Green Extrusions
  • 600mm x 600mm MIC6 Cast Aluminum Bed
  • 550mm x 550mm x 600mm printable area: Note, this is approximated minimum print area at this time
  • 560mm x 560mm AC, 1300w 110v Silicone Bed heater
  • 565×565 Powder Coated PEI Magnetic Flex Plate
  • CoreXY, 10mm GT2 timing belts
  • Slice Engineering Copperhead Hotend
  • Bondtech Extruder
  • IGUS Drylin Linear Rails
  • 4 x 48mm 0.9deg Z motors LDO
  • 2 x Closed Loop Motors for XY (BIGTREETECH 242B Motor with Driver Board and LCD screen)
  • 1 x 0.9deg pancake extruder motor LDO
  • 4 x 730mm T8x2 leadscrews with anti-backlash nuts, joint connector couplers
  • BigTreeTech GTR 1.0 32 Bit MB with M5 v1 Expansion Board (Square USB, USB Stick, MicroSD support)
  • TFT35 v3 (Switchable between touchscreen and 12864 LCD Marlin mode) (USB Stick, SD Card)
  • 5 x TMC2209 Stepper Drivers
  • Dual USB-C wiring harness to X Gantry
  • XYZ Sensorless Homing
  • BLTouch v3.1 auto bed tramming
  • Filament runout sensor
  • Power Fail Resume (on power fail, gantry will lift 10mm) via 24v Mini-UPS board from BIGTREETECH
  • 24v PSU
  • 60mm x 60mm x 25mm cooling fan for control board
  • 5015 24v blower part cooling fan
  • RGB Neopixel Lighting
  • Side and back panels