SLS Universal BL Touch Mount For DDX



  • Mount a BL Touch bed levelling sensor onto the DDX.
  • Part made of PA12 (Nylon) with the SLS 3D printing process.
  • Better surface finishing and higher working temperature resistance.
  • Universal slot – allows for height adjustment.

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Smart v3.1 BLTouch - Auto Bed Leveling Touch Sensor

Official BLTouch Smart v3.1 Auto Bed Leveling Sensor from ANTCLABS.

This sensor is a high-precision touch based sensor used for auto bed leveling that can be used on any type of bed surface.

For manual and integration information, please visit

BLTouch 1 Meter Extension Cable

1 Meter Servo Extension Cable for use with the BLTouch Bed Leveling Sensor

Note: The remaining extension cables I have in stock are varied colors, not the yellow/orange/brown/black/white but all of the connectors are the same.

Email when stock available

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Recommended Component

This BL Touch mount is recommended to install the popular bed levelling sensor on our Bondtech DDX Direct Drive eXtruder for Creality. This PA12 version allows for higher working temperatures than its FDM counterpart.

The Universal version has a slot to enable adjusting the Z off-set to the bed and nozzle tip, thus enabling it to be used with all available hotends compatible with the DDX.

If you use a Copperhead or a Mosquito hotend, be aware we have available specific versions for those hotends.

STL File Also Available As Free Download

This part has an STL file available to download from our server.
Click here to access the STL downloads list.

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