RGB WiFi Controllable Lamp Kit


Kit Includes:

  • 60 LED Addressable Light Strip
  • D1 Mini WiFi Module
  • USB Power Cord
  • 18650 Batter Holder (DOES NOT INCLUDE BATTERY)
  • On/Off Switch
  • Electrolytic Capacitor 16V 100uF
  • 5V 1A Micro USB 18650 Lithium Battery Charging Board Charger Module+Protection Dual Functions TP4056

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This project was suggested by Chris Warkocki, and of course I loved it! The link to the Instructable is below, but first…

NOTE: The project calls for an 18650 rechargable battery, which I did not include for possible shipping issues, so you’ll need to get one. Or it can be powered by the WiFi module and you can skip the battery all together, it’s optional.

Additional Note: IF you use the battery, the instructable tells you to solder wires directly to the battery – to me this is bad for multiple reasons, including possibly causing yourself harm. So Instead I included a battery pack to use. I had Fernando make modifications to the 3D Printed files to support the battery pack. Files available below.