Probe Surface – Textured PEI Powder Coated Flex Plates



  • ULTEM (PEI) Single Side Powder Coated Spring Steel
  • Magnet Sheet (optional) – Temp resistance up to 140C – 3M Sticky Side

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I didn’t plan on selling flex plates, but I needed to find a manufacturer that could supply them large enough for the Tesseract printer. After I posted about it, people asked for other sizes. So I got 4 different sizes I thought would be the most common, and here we are. =)

The Probe Surface is an ULTEM (PEI) Powder Coated Build Surface for 3D Printers. It is coated on a single side of a stainless steel plate, with a smooth side that you can use for other build surfaces such as a flat PEI sheet, BuildTak, WHAM, etc…

The Prusa Mini and Prusa MK3 sizes do not have an option for magnetic sheets since magnets are built in to the Prusa printers. the 235 and 310 sizes have a magnetic sheet option. The magnetic sheets are good up to 140C and have a 3M sticky side.