OpenRC Batmobile Sponsorship


For 3D Printing events and Maker Faires, Alien3D is creating a 977% scale OpenRC F1 with a Batmobile body. The chassis is designed by Daniel Norée and the body is designed by DSK001_3D.

For this project, Alien3D is looking for sponsorships to cover the costs of an enclosed car trailer rental, fuel costs and costs related to the project/trip. If enough funds are generated I also plan on donating to Daniel for his OpenRC design and to DSK for the body design. Any excess funds will be donated to Children’s Miracle Network UF Heath Shand’s Children’s Hospital via ExtraLife.

With an idea from FunKing3D, I’ve decided to sell advertising spots on a banner by the inch. To kick things off, a 10′ x 3′ banner is the plan, for a total of 4,320 square inches. If sponsorship goes beyond that the banner size will be increased and additional funds raised will be donated to charity.

So for example for $9 you can get a 3″x3″ spot on the banner for your logo, avatar, social media tag or name. In addition to the banner, anyone who donates at least $50 will also have their logos added to any videos posted to YouTube* in a lower third banner in random spots of videos, and posted to Twitter and Facebook with a thank you message**.

No logos or words with profanity or inappropriate imagery will be accepted.

Enter a quantity below to choose how many square inches of banner space you’d like to sponsor.

Send logos to [email protected] otherwise for social media tags, put them in the order notes during checkout.



*For YouTube videos posted, your logo will only be in videos after the date of sponsorship. Videos already uploaded will not be edited and reuploaded.
** Posted on or near the date you submit the donation as soon as time permits me.