Ender 3/Ender 3 Pro Y Axis Linear Rail Kit

$89.99 $86.99

Y Linear Rail Kit with Fully Supported Rail and many features to get the most out of your creality Ender 3 / Ender 3 Pro

No more wheel adjustment simple design (see more features below)



  • Fully Supported & Mounted MGN12 linear rail
  • No cutting, squaring or measuring extrusions
  • The simple design mounts right to the aluminum extrusion
  • The 1/4″ aluminum offers strength preventing sag or flex
  • The Y Limit is adjustable to be able to use other hotend types that are out further on the X Carriage
  • Reduce adjustment and machine maintenance
  • Belt routing improved with a simple belt tensioner
  • +Gain in Z height (Requires Firmware update)

What is Included

  • .25″ Waterjet Cut 6061 Aluminum Pre-tapped Y Linear Rail Mount
  • Mounting Hardware = (4) M4 x 10 Button Heads and T Nuts & (4) M3 x 10 Socket Head (To Mount Motor)
  • Lightweight Y sled If not Purchase we will provide a Drilling Template
  • 300MM Linear Rails With 1 Block and Hardware
  • Printed Parts ( Including Z End Stop Bracket) & Hardware or Download Here
  • GT2 Belt With Ideler

Installation (Installation Video Coming Soon)

  1. Remove 2 Bolts from Bottom of Machine holding Y Extrusion
  2. Install Kit (Place on extrusion align and tighten Bolts)
  3. Transfer over the Bed, Motor, Limit
  4. Tension belt
  5. Install Z Adjustable Limit Bracket
  6. Verify Z height and bed movement
  7. Level bed and print!