Ender 3/Ender 3 Pro X&Z Axis Linear Rail Kit



This product is built to order – lead times are depending on current order volumes lead times can take up to two weeks.

This an X and Z axis conversion system to convert your Ender 3/Ender 3 Pro to linear rails.

This is a lightweight option and does not work for some Dual Z axis kits on the market.

Choose either X or Both X and Z.

Z-axis kit includes 2 Linear rails, all hardware, and spacers the rails mount directly to the inside aluminum extrusions. The rails are cut down to fit exact length leaving room for Z support braces.

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  • Solves issues with stock wheel misalignment
  • Uses the same mounting pattern for easy swap to only do X axis or both
  • The 1/8″ aluminum combined with the rail offers strength while keeping it lightweight so you can use it with only one Z motor.
  • The X Carriage has Mounting Location for stock Creality and other popular hotends & fangs (Including Kreatos mounts)
  • No more lose X carriage or binding Z
  • The belt routing eliminates rubbing and has a simple belt tensioner
  • Reduces adjustment and machine maintenance

Installation (Installation Video Coming Soon)

  1. Remove hot end
  2. Remove all wiring from Z carriage
  3. Remove top extrusion
  4. Slide Z carriage up and off of the machine
  5. Remove rear brackets and install to the 3DFused bracket
  6. If upgrading Z install Linear Rails to extrusions on the 1st T Slot Closest to the bed.
  7. Slide 3DFused upgrade onto the frame or attach to Z upgrade blocks and adjust for smooth motion
  8. Install motor and limit switches (Z-Axis adjustable limit included)
  9. Install hotend and fans
  10. Adjust limit switches
  11. Print