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Alien3D OctoPi Wifi Hotspot

This is a ready to go OctoPi, not a kit. Just plug it in and you can be printing in minutes. Each Pi is pre-installed with OctoPrint and individually set up to keep security features per requirements by Gina at OctoPrint. Instead of providing Alien3D with your network ID and password, this device is setup to serve as a WiFi hotspot similar to Mosaic’s Canvas Hub, which you can connect to via Wifi – once you’re connected, you can open up OctoPrint in a browser and add your home network connections for the device to connect to. If no networks are available, then it defaults back in to serving as a hotspot. A portion of each sale is donated to OctoPrint.

Device comes pre-built with the following:

  • Raspberry Pi 4B – 2GB RAM
  • 4 Aluminum Heatsinks
  • 32GB SanDisk MicroSD – Pre-Installed with OctoPrint as described above.
  • RBG Fan (I couldn’t just go with a PLAIN fan lol) configured in silent mode (can be setup to run full blast by changing a single pin)
  • USB-C Power Supply, 5.1v 3A, Black, UL Listed
  • 75mm VESA Mountable Case printed in Alien Ooze (designed by mkellsy)

9 in stock (can be backordered)

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