May 2020 UFO Contents


Thank You to this month’s sponsors, contributors, and companies who didn’t try to shoot our UFO’s out of the sky for using their product in this month’s box.


May, the month for Mothers!
I hope all of the Mothers had a Happy Mother’s Day!

Even though it is now past the 10th, the project this month I think is a cute little gift or can be used for other purposes in your projects. It is expandable as well! An 8x8 LED Matrix with an Arduino Nano for a scrolling I Love You Mom display.

The accessory didn’t quiiiite fit in the box this month, hopefully shipping didn’t mess it up, but a digital caliper is always a useful tool for dialing in your printers and measuring technical parts that need to fit... of course Mothers can use it to measure those diamond rings you all got them right! lol

The June UFO is currently on schedule to go out the first week of June - oh and if you’ve been watching on Twitter or Facebook, a filament from next month made it into this month and one from this month is going into next month’s. Anywho, THANK YOU all again for being understanding with the issues I’ve been trying to overcome these past few months. Things are getting straightened out slowly but surely =) • Josh ~ Alien3D

Congrats to Andrew for winning the May 2020 Mothership Box!

This month's Mothership prize is a BMG Extruder from BondTech

Congrats to the winners of the May 2020 Scout & Science Ship Boxes!
Devynn & Tanny.

1 Subscriber each of the Projects & Accessories Only UFO and the Filaments Only UFO are randomly selected to receive a FULL UFO for the month.


This month UFOs contained:

  • Ring Pops
  • 3D Pink Mafia sticker from Heather!
  • Mrs. G33kT3ch Sticker from Karsen!
  • Snolabs Sticker
  • Discount Codes from GreenGate3D, IC3D, Plas3D, Snolabs, Zyltech, 3DGloop

UFO Subscribers & 1 Month you should see codes below, be sure you are signed in.

Please login to view codes if you received this months UFO.


Filament Samples

All filament samples are at least 20 meters in length (actually more, I increased the length to eat up the extra filament being left behind on the rolls)


American Blue - Recycled PETG

Extrusion Temp (°C): 205-245
Bed Temp (°C): 60-90
Speed (mm/s): 45-90
Cooling: None or Low

Sustainable and Renewable. 100% American Made: Sourced, Extruded, and Packaged. GreenGate3D: Recycling The World's Plastics, One Filament At A Time

Visit GreenGate3D


Fun King 3D Yellow - PETG

Extrusion Temp (°C): 240-270
Bed Temp (°C): 70

I print IC3D PETG at 230-235C, the above temps are recommended on their website.

Visit IC3D


Metallic Copper - PLA

Extrusion Temp (°C): 200-220
Bed Temp (°C): 0-45

Filament does not actually contain metal, simply part of the name =)

Visit Plas3D


Transparent Red - PLA

Extrusion Temp (°C): 190-230
Bed Temp (°C): 0-80
Speed (mm/s): 60-100

Visit Snolabs

Bonus Accessory!

Digital Caliper with Case

Calipers are a great tool in the 3D Printing world, from measuring parts to replicate a replacement, or making technical parts to fit things together perfectly. Also used to calibrate your printer =)
Get More on Amazon

Bonus Project!

Scrolling 8x8 Matrix with Heart Mom Holder

As a celebration to moms, this month's project is Mother's Day themed. I thought it would make a cute gift for the moms in our lives.

Included in Kit:

  • Arduino Nano
  • USB cable
  • 8x8 Red LED Matrix
  • Jumper Wires
Download May Project Files

It has been brought to my attention that the 5 wires included with the matrix may be colored differently than listed below. If that is the case with yours...

As long as you match up the wires...

  • VCC to 5v
  • GND to GND
  • DIN to D7
  • CLK to D6
  • CS to D5 should be good.

Step 1

Hook up the jumper wires on the 8x8 Matrix as pictured... (Or however color coded you wish lol)

  • Brown to VCC
  • Red to Ground
  • Orange to DIN
  • Yellow to CS
  • Green to CLK


Step 2

Hook up the jumper wires on the arduino as pictured...

  • Brown to 5V
  • Red to GND


Step 3

Hook up the jumper wires on the arduino as pictured...

  • Orange to D7
  • Green to D6
  • Yellow to D5


Step 4

Open up ScrollingMom Arduino code file in Arduino IDE, be sure to select the board, processor and port. You MAY need to install the proper drivers if your Nano is not being recognized by your computer. You can find the drivers here:


Step 5

Add the file as a Library under Sketch > Include Library > Add .ZIP Library

Step 6

Compile and Upload the Code to the Arduino and it should work!

You can edit the message in the code where it says:

char string[] = "I Love You "; //edit text message

and the speed where it says:

printStringWithShift(string,50); //number is message speed

You can also chain up to 8 Matrices together using this library. If adding more, change the number of matrices at line:

#define maxDisplays 1 // Number of MAX7219's in use.

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