March 2021 UFO Contents


Welp, this was a wonky month >.<
Maybe the Leprechauns are mad at me for not doing a St. Patricks day theme this year lol.

Anywho, I’ve decided that there are definitely some changes coming soon. It’s clear to me that box companies can’t provide the service I need, and clear that without funding for me to order months in advance, boxes will continue to be an issue. So... give me a couple months to get things a little reorganized please. I have some ideas I think will be cool that will still be unique to the UFOs and still let me provide some customized artsy stuff. We’ll see if y’all think it’s as cool as I do haha. Stay Tuned, and thank you all for sticking with me even through the crazy.
Josh ~Alien3D

Congrats to Carter L.
for winning the March 2021 Mothership Box!

Carter's Mothership Prize this Month is a 24v Direct Drive Hemera Hotend/Extruder from E3D


  • IC3D Sticker
  • Sour Gummy Twists
  • Discount code for 3DFuel, Gloop, Zyltech

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Collection Image

Month 8 of 12

On the ends of each UFO for 12 months you'll find a 1/12th piece of a puzzle. At the end of the 12 months they can be combined for a larger image.

Looking forward to your guesses =) #UFOPUZZLE


Filament Samples

All filament samples are at least 20 meters in length (actually more, I increased the length to eat up the extra filament being left behind on the rolls)

3D Printing Canada

Green - Value PLA
Extrusion Temp: 195°C - 215°C
Bed Temperature: 0 - 60 °C
Speed: 40 - 100mm/s

Visit 3D Printing Canada


Yellow - PLA
Extrusion Temp: 200°C - 240°C
Bed Temperature: 0-60 °C

Visit IC3D


Sapphire Blue - PolyTerra PLA
Extrusion Temp: 190°C - 230°C
Bed Temperature: 25 - 60 °C
Print Speed: 30 - 70mm/s

Visit Polymaker

Sakata 3D

Red - 850 PLA
Extrusion Temp: 190°C - 220°C
Bed Temperature: Not Needed
Print Speed: Max 200mm/s

Visit Sakata 3D

Bonus Accessory!

13 in 1 USB Tester w/ Male to Alligator Clip

Not gonna lie, I have no idea how to use this thing lol - but.. it looked like it could be pretty useful for the electronics projects or for those of you who tinker with more advanced electronics stuff. The ones I ordered were supposed to come with the alligator clips for both male and female USB connection, however when they arrived they only arrived with the male and I didn't think y'all wanted to wait another unknown time for the female ones to come in >.<

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Bonus Project!

Simon Says!

Parts included in UFO:

  • 1 x Arduino Nano
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 4 x LED 30mm Buttons (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)
  • 4 x Resistors
  • 1 x Buzzer
  • 1 x oLED Screen
  • 1 x On/Off Switch
  • 2 x AA Battery Packs
  • Wires

This is a cool little project that takes me back to when I had one of those big clunky round Simon Says games when I was a little alien many centuries ago =P

Some UFOs have snap in buttons, some have threaded buttons - I remixed the top which should work with both. I also remixed the main body to use the smaller on/off switch that I ordered. The remixed files are linked to below as well as a link to the instructable by DIY Machines, who I'd like to thank for designing such a cool little game =)

NOTE: If you're using an older version of Arduino, like 1.8.x and you get errors during compiling, also add the library Adafruit_BusIO

View Instructable
Download Remixed Files

Photo and Project by DIY Machines

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