June 2023 UFO

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Filamentcolors.xyz is a digital catalog of filament from around the globe, curated with the purpose of helping people find the perfect colors for their project. We print and photograph every filament under the same conditions, allowing users to compare different colors directly. We also measure the color and report this as a hex color, and use that to calculate complementary colors, similar filaments, and even similar colors in other materials to help users perfectly plan their projects. We’re a hobby project and always growing through filament donations and partnerships, so keep checking back to find your favorite filaments!

Congrats to Dennis A.
for winning the June 2023 Mothership Box!

This month, the Mothership prize is a FusionLock Metallic Transfer Adhesive 120mL from HotPoly3D


  • Skittles
  • Trading Cards

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Subscriber @tsiolkovsky created a neat trading card holder for the top of the printer to hold the card for the sample you're printing with!
Download Card Holder

Filament Samples

All filament samples are at least 20 meters in length (actually more, I increased the length to eat up the extra filament being left behind on the rolls)

Those looking for a sample spooler, MadMonkey designed this one and it's been my favorite so far https://www.printables.com/model/36621-expandable-sample-spool-holder

DSK has also made a sample spool specifically to fit the samples from the new machine: https://www.printables.com/model/428314-sample-spool-snap


HotPoly3D Fusion Lock 30ml

This product is the ultimate 3D printing adhesive for high-performance filaments. Say goodbye to failed prints and hello to hassle-free printing. With one layer of FusionLock Nano Adhesive, you can print 50-100+ times without losing adhesion. Our adhesive works on various build surfaces, including glass and PEI, preventing warping and layer shifting. Our adhesive is the perfect solution for rejuvenating old PEI plates, giving your build surface a new life.

Unlike other adhesives, FusionLock Nano Adhesive doesn't leave any residue, flakes, or mess. It's engineered to force adhesion while pulling on the printed part surface, making it warp-proof. With our adhesive, you can print high-performance materials such as PC, Nylons, ASA, PEI, PEKK/PEEK, carbon, and glass fiber without an enclosure. *It's always recommended to have a Fume Extractor/ventilation system when printing with filaments with high levels of VOCs.

Visit HotPoly3D

Bonus Project!

+Nano version of the UFOs received an Arduino Nano

SMARS Modular Robot

This is an awesome modular car robot with a ton of possibilities. While the UFO only provides the base components for a basic car (budget) there are a number of components that can be added, as well as the possibility of Wifi or Bluetooth control.

UFO Kit Contains:

  • 2 x 100rpm Geared Motors
  • 1 x L293D Motor Shield
  • 1 x 9v Battery Clip

If you'd like to use an Arduino UNO - the HiLetgo UNO R3 Dev Board has Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities as well.

If you do not wish to purchase an Arduino UNO separately, a Nano or the ESP-Wroom boards from the UFOs can be used, but the pins will need to be connected to the motor shield. I just got the Maker Boxes out, so I will be coming up with a conversion with DSK ASAP.
Get files and instructions

Image by TUITXY

Programming the ESP32-WROOM Boards:

There are 2 ways you can program the board.

Arduino Web Editor:

One way is to use the Arduino web editor. You can create a project in the online editor and copy the code into it. Just follow the websites directions on getting the needed plug in installed. The board you would select is the esp32 dev module

Locally on PC:

First you will need the Arduino IDE installed on your computer. Which you can install from 
https://www.arduino.cc/en/software . If you are using windows 11 I would suggest to download and install the legacy IDE version as new one gets some access denied errors.

Once the IDE is up and running you will need to install the esp32 board.

First thing you will need is to install the Espressif esp32 board library. You can do so by following the tutorial on the website below: [Note for our board select the esp32 dev board]


After the board is installed you can open up the .ino file for the project.

You can the select the board Esp32 Dev Module and the correct port and click upload.

This should compile the code and send it to the board for you!

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