July 2019 UFO Contents

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Thank You to this month’s sponsors, contributors, and companies who didn’t try to shoot our UFO’s out of the sky for using their product in this month’s box.


3D Fuel

The July 2019 UFO Mystery 3D Printing Box has landed! This month marks a special month for Alien3D, as it was a year ago that the first UFO, the July 2018 box, was sent out. With only 8 subscribers that first month... a year later, over 2000 UFO's have been shipped out.

I know that the UFO isn't the most popular 3D Printing Mystery Box out there, we haven't been around all that long. But I do still believe that it's the best. Every month I get comments submitted to me about how the projects are enjoyed not just by you, but your kids, your family members, your husbands and wives. It's an amazing feeling every month to see how much this little box brings such joy to you all.

Not every month is the greatest, we sure as heck know that not every month is on time (working on it), but I do put my heart and soul into this box... and while Momma Alien3D does come over and help a little here and there with folding the boxes, taping and putting on the shipping labels... the rest of the company is just me as far as handling the orders, making the samples, handling the logistics, etc. On top of my day job.

There are however people in the community that do help me with box designs, project ideas, filament suggestions, accessory suggestions, and some months they even create the projects themselves... so I would like to give a special thanks to the following people who for months have put up with me and helped me out lol...

  • AlkeshOne
  • Bryan Vines
  • Inspyre3D
  • GreyBeard3D
  • Matt Weber
  • ArtMods

And others who have helped and directly contributed in the past year:

  • Bill Devine
  • Robby Maq
  • Rebecca Buckhoff
  • Dan the 3D Printing Dad
  • Kuntry3D

And I am sure I am forgetting some.

To all of the Amazing companies that have worked with me over the last year, thank you all so much. Some of you have become great friends and it's awesome to be able to call you up, or DM you or email you and just chat about ideas.

To all of my subscribers, whether you've been here from the beginning, no longer subscribe, or are current subscribers... I absolutely cannot thank you enough, because without you I would not be still doing this one year later. I am humbled every month that you put your faith into me and my product and ideas. Please, always feel free to reach out to me via email or Twitter. I'll even call you up if you'd like to discuss ideas, hear your stories, or even accept a butt chewing if I've done something wrong.

Thank you all so very much. Here's to another year!

July 2019 Mothership Prizes

This month the Mothership announcements will be a little different... there were 13 of them after all, and embedding 13 potential tweets would make this page quite lengthy lol...

Additionally, I have received some feedback from some subscribers about how some months the winners do not post that they've won and have suggested I post who won... so I'm going to try that, though just first name and last initial, and if I know their twitter account I'll link out to them.

Note: At the time of shipping this month's UFO's, the 3D Printing Pens weren't available yet. They are a brand new product from ZylTech and will be coming in at the end of July.

The 13 Mothership Winners from July 2019 UFO Box:

1 Winner of an Avengers Multi-Pack of Nozzles from E3D

    2 Winners of an E3Dv6 Hotend


      Congrats to Devynn R. for receiving the July 2019 Filaments Only Scout Ship Box!

      The Filaments Only Scout Ship Box is given to one random Filaments Only subscriber and receives a full UFO box with the projects and accessory for that month!

      Coupon Codes / Swag

      • Special Comic Book from Ashcan Publications, Alien Themed!
      • Mix of 50% off and 15% off from WHAMBAM
      • Mix of 50% off and 15% off from Micro Swiss
      • Fizzy Candy (sorry they're so small, didn't realize they'd be that small lol)

      Filament Samples

      All filament samples are at least 20 meters in length (actually more, I increased the length to eat up the extra filament being left behind on the rolls)

      3D Fuel

      Daffodil Yellow - PLA

      Extrusion Temp: 190 to 220C
      Bed Temp: 0-60C

      The bright yellow sun of summer, the bursting shimmering sparkles of fireworks... this is a really bright yellow filament and represents greatly!

      3D Fuel was in the very first UFO and they have been amazing in working with me over the last year!

      Visit 3D Fuel

      Hello 3D

      Blue or Red to White - Temperature Changing PLA

      Extrusion Temp: 190 to 230C
      Bed Temp: 0-60C

      Hello3D was another company in my very first UFO. Last year it was White to Blue or White to Red UV Color Changing!

      Visit Hello3D


      PLA Pro Select - Traffic White

      Extrusion Temp: 195 to 225C
      Bed Temp: 40-60C

      Not only is it the Alienversary, but it's also the month of July where we celebrate the birth of the US. Red White and Blue had to be represented too!

      Visit FilamentOne

      Alien3D / IC3D

      Alien Ooze - PLA

      Extrusion Temp: 215 to 240C
      Bed Temp: 0 - 60C

      I know I know, I put PROBED Green PETG in last month's box, but I had a choice to make... Wait on a filament that was coming late, or dip into my stash lol. I wanted to get the UFO's out instead of being late again... Aaannd... well it's Alienversary!

      Get Your Ooze On

      Bonus Accessory!

      Alien3D BuildTak Printing Surface

      BuildTak is another company that has supported the UFO's from the very first box, and so for the Alienversary I thought it would be great to give an Alien3D branded BuildTak sheet.

      I know a lot of you have larger beds, or even circular beds, maybe smaller beds? However, I couldn't order everyone's specific bed size as there is a 50 min order per custom designed sizes... so I hope that the size I included in the UFO is at least enough for you to be able to try out the surface. They also work GREAT for placing on one side of a flex plate!

      Visit BuildTak

      Bonus Project!

      UFO Lamp

      Parts Included:

      • 30 Bright 5mm LEDs
      • 30 Resistors
      • 2m of wires
      • Pre-programmed circuit board
      • 9v Battery Clip

      UFO's are AMAZING, you have to admit it! And I've been getting a lot of feedback for more complicated electronic projects.

      The Thingiverse project for this you will find a little different as it uses an arduino and requires programming. I worked with a local electronics store to design a circuit board to do all the heavy lifting and is pre-programmed. All of the soldering though is still a must lol.

      Also... I forgot switches to turn it on and off >.<... It can however be updated should you choose to use a USB power supply, switches to turn it on and off (should be a couple from previous UFO projects)

      As I write this, I don't have the tutorial done yet, but I'm working on it and it should be up soon.

      The circuit board has holes for 5 sets of wiring, however it is programmed for only the first 4.

      The LED lights are a bright green, and there is one thing to note. Generally LED's have a short and long wire to determine the polarity, short being negative long being positive. These LEDs for some reason don't have that. If you look in to the LED head, you should be able to determine which is the negative because it has a large flag like looking end in the LED where the positive is thin. What I suggest is to look, find the negative and then clip the wire a little bit to more easily determine between them when doing the wiring.

      There are 2 ways to setup the tractor beam lights, you can either do them "always on" via diagram 2 in the downloaded schematic, or you can set them up so 3 strands will have 8 lights connected, and 1 strand will have 6. The extra 6 on the 3 strands can be used for the tractor beam for them to flash as well.

      The circuit board is programmed to do 1 slow rotation and 1 fast rotation and repeat.

      Download Project Files
      Download Wiring Schematics
      One thing not in the video, I thought I recorded it but must have cut it out accidentally...
      For the ground wires, with placing the negative of the LED's to the top of the ring, I took the wire and used the soldering iron to melt through and expose the bare wires instead of cutting a bunch of little pieces, then solders the negatives of the LEDs to it. It made things a lot easier.
      For the center, I folded all the negatives down, put a big glob of solder on them, then attached a single wire and brought it out to the outer ring of the grounded LEDs

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