January UFO Status

I wanted to get out an update as emails are starting to come in again and I know not everyone follows on Twitter or Facebook…

When January project parts arrived to my supplier, 240 parts were missing and they had to put in another order for them. They’re expected to arrive sometime next week. As soon as they arrive it’ll take me a day to bag them up and a day to pack the UFOs sooooo more than likely they’ll go out the first week of February…

On that note, the February project parts are supposed to be arriving at the same time, soooo in an effort to get the February project to you in time before Valentine’s day as it is a holiday specific project whereas the January project is not, I am going to swap them out and put the February project in the January box and the January project in the February box. I hope that is okay with you.

Additionally, since January UFO will more than likely go out after renewals this month, the offer is again available to push back your renewal by a week if you’re a subscriber, just let me know.

ADDITIONALLY… with the crappy service that USPS has been providing the last few months, starting with the January UFO I am switching to FedEx as they’re currently the only other carrier that has similar rates. I can eat the additional cost for now, but look for another email in the next couple weeks as I will be adding an option for you to choose whether you want me to use USPS or FedEx for your UFO as some of you have already contacted me that FedEx isn’t a carrier you like either. Yes it’ll add some additional logistics for me, but I’m trying my best to take care of you and get the UFOs to you reliably.

The February UFO “should” be the last late UFO *knocks on all the wood and crosses all the fingers and toes*.

As always, thank you all for your continued support and understanding.

Josh ~Alien3D

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  1. Hello josh,
    I have emailed and also tried to reach you here. I understand there are issues. I would like to clarify my last email. After reviewing and comparing what I have vs. whats revealed on this site I am missing Novembers UFO. please respond.

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