January UFO Status

Heya Subscriber!

I wanted to send out a quick email – I know UFOs are almost a week late now, and it was a decision I made so I take full blame. But I’d like to explain – the samples are done, the projects & accessories are here – so I COULD have sent them out last week. However, I ordered custom designed boxes as it’s something I missed having for the UFOs, and I found a company that would do them within a target budget. Unfortunately, when they hit the port on the West Coast they apparently were in a container that got flagged for an FDA inspection *sighs* – they were supposed to be released for pickup this week, which my supplier will be doing – but I foresee them taking at least 7 days for them to get to me via UPS as it’s the cheapest way to send them across country.

I promise that as soon as the boxes arrive, the UFOs will go out the next day (providing it’s not a weekend lol) as all that’s left for me to do is pack and label them. I did order 1000 boxes, so I should be able to stay ahead logistically and go ahead and order the next set so I always have a constant supply.

Logistically – projects and accessories I am now setup for them to be steadily flowing in ahead of time, I’ve even had to increase my numbers as new signups between UFOs and Maker Boxes converting to include the projects has been steadily increasing. The fully automated sample machine will HOPEFULLY be here in the next couple weeks as it FINALLY shipped a couple weeks ago, and that will help me to crank out samples 10x faster than I do now. So THANK YOU to all of my new subscribers, and to those who have been around a while – for all of the support and sticking around through the madness.

Speaking of being around for a while – in the past I have hinted about including bonus items into the UFOs for birthdays, UFO anniversaries, etc. This year I absolutely plan on starting up some of those. I also have a plan for a new point system where for every renewal you’ll earn a certain amount of points and then you can exchange those points for items in a points store. Things like electronics, accessories, projects – whatever I can come up with – that won’t be for sale on the site except through the point store. So be on the look out for that!

2023 I truly believe will be a great year for me finally moving UFO and Maker Box into a new and better direction. So stay tuned!

Josh ~Alien3D/Maker Box

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      Heya Sheldon! I understand – I can promise you that out of 53 previous months, while many have been late – I’ve never missed a month going out. I’m working on eliminating late boxes. It’s been a slow process but things are coming together. Next month’s MIGHT actually go out early… and I’ll get the reveal page up later today =)

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