Hydraulic Robot Arm

I thought this would be a super fun project for those with kids, though me personally I had a lot of fun putting it together during a live stream and trying to pick up chips and dipping them in my chip dip.

The UFOs contained:

  • Six 10ml Syringes
  • Approx 4 1/2 feet of tubing

* NOTE: The 3D Printed parts were designed for 5ml syringes, however if you print the parts at 120% they fit the 10ml syringes perfectly.

** NOTE: The pins/pin holes are noted on the thingiverse page to need some adjustments. I personally took a soldering iron and made the holes bigger. Additionally, the sliders in the "remote" need some sanding down.

Get Arm Files
Get Controller Files

Project and Photo credit by Mewalela on Thingiverse

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