Flashing Leprechaun Hat/Pot

Initially I planned on doing a button you could wear, but after discussing it with my electronics people, a 9v battery was required, and I didn't think that the weight of that would be good for clothing. So at the last minute we decided to go with a necklace pendant.

Each design has holes at the top that allows for you to either use a scrap of filament, or a string of some sort to hang the pendant from.

In the UFO, the parts provided are:

  • 2" Circular PCB board
  • 10 Multi-flash 3mm LEDs
  • 5 resistors
  • 9v Battery Clip

The project files were designed by Dan (@AlkeshOne). The pot of gold is in multiple files for individual part pieces, while the leprechaun hat takes advantage of his filament swapping method.

Instructions for CURA can be found below, more slicer types to be added.

Buy Project Parts
Download Project Files

Starting with Cura 3.4.1 or higher, there is a feature called pause at height. Once you have your file loaded you select extensions, then post processing then Modify G-code. In here you are going to choose add a script, Pause at height. When slicing at 0.2 mm layer height I do pauses at 6, 11, and 16. One key thing here is to make sure you change the Park Print head x and Part Print head y, I prefer 0 for both but which ever works for you. Also the Standby Temperature and Resume Temperature make sure you set to the temperature you are printing at.


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