Greengate3D – Clear – Recycled PETG

Included in: UFO017 - Nov-2019


Color: Clear
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  1. Recyled PETG (Glycol modified Polyethylene Terephthalate) is created from recycled PETG products and/or PETG waste during the manufacturing process and I believe is mixed with some virgin PETG. It is generally as easy to print as PLA but at higher temps and heated bed is required. It is semi-rigid and has decent impact resistance, but less "give" than PLA and can snap easier without the extra flex. Can be stringy, using wiping and playing with the temperature by a couple degrees can eliminate the stringing. Some swear by drying the filament in a filament dryer before using, I've personally found playing with the temperature works great, and that's living in high humidity Florida with filament sitting out for years. Hotend: 230 - 250°C Bed: 70 - 90°C Speed: 30 - 100mm/s Fan: Low to Medium, 100% for bridging.
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