Fiberlogy – Red – TPU 40D

Included in: UFO008 - Feb-2019


Color: Red
Information is basic for filament type, for brand specific information please visit the brand's website.
  1. TPU/TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) comes in a variety of softness and flexibility. It is a mix of hard plastics and rubber that allows it to bend and stretch. Direct drives are recommended due to the flex in the tubes can prevent the filament from being pushed through the extruder.  Not all TPU/TPE is the same so refer to manufacturer settings. TPU/TPE also tends to stick too well to build surfaces, so putting down a layer of purple glue stick is recommended as a release agent. Hotend: 220 - 245°C Bed: 45 - 60°C Speed: Slow - 20mm/s Fan: None to Low to increase layer adhesion
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