Alien3D – Metero Mined Copped – Silk PLA

Included in: UFO020 - Feb-2020

Metero Mined Copped

Color: Metero Mined Copped
Information is basic for filament type, for brand specific information please visit the brand's website.
  1. Silk PLA (Polylactic Acid) is PLA with additives to create a shinier surface. There are multiple additives that can be used to create the silk look and vary by manufacturer. Silk filaments tend to have worse layer adhesion than their standard counterparts so are mainly used for "pretty" prints versus a print that requires more strength. Hotend: 200 - 220°C Bed: 50 - 70°C Speed: 30 - 80mm/s Fan: 100% (none first 3 layers to help bed adhesion)
  1. Brand information provided by brand website