3D Fuel – Buzzed – PLA

Included in: UFO001 - Jul-2018

Beer waste infused PLA. I’m not sure this filament is still in production, but it is similar to a wood fill filament in the sense that the plant waste from the production of beer is ground up and added to PLA.

Color: Beer
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  1. PLA (Polylactic Acid) is one of the cheapest, most popular and easy to print filaments available. It is printed at a lower temperature than most filaments and does not require a heated bed. While touted as an eco-friendly material as it is derived from corn and/or sugarcane, it's biodegradability is questionable as specific environmental factors need to be met. Hotend: 180 - 220°C Bed: 0 - 60°C Speed: 30 - 100mm/s Fan: 100% (none first 3 layers to help bed adhesion)
  1. Brand information provided by brand website

    Originally located in Fargo, ND - 3D Fuel produces quality USA made filament. The filament is now produced by Essentium in Austin, TX and now offers Essentium brand filaments on their website as well.