February UFO Status

Heya Probees,

Soooo… as I mentioned in a previous update, I hoped to get the February UFOs out by yesterday the 21st… unfortunately one of the filament companies for the samples still hasn’t even sent me their filament. I called them yesterday and was told the order should ship yesterday or today… so I’m crossing my fingers.

I have all of the projects, accessories, other 3 filaments, stickers and trading cards ready to go. As soon as the other filament arrives it’ll take me a day to sample up, then the next day I can pack the UFOs and get them out. If I don’t get a shipping notification by Friday then instead of delaying the UFO further, I will send out the UFO’s on the 28th with an IOU for the 4th filament. I’ll put 5 in the March UFO, and those of you with a 1 month box who don’t follow up with a subscription I’ll send out a single sample.

Slowly catching up from the last few months delays… March should go out much earlier in the month if not on time.

Thank you,
Josh ~Alien3D

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