December 2019 UFO Contents


Thank You to this month’s sponsors, contributors, and companies who didn’t try to shoot our UFO’s out of the sky for using their product in this month’s box.

The December 2019 UFO Mystery 3D Printing Box has landed! This month is themed for Christmas. Thank you to G33kT3ch for taking my idea for the project and making coming up with an awesome design!

Congrats to Peter K. for receiving the December 2019 Mothership Box!

So funny story, I was at ERRF2019 and was stopped by Peopoly and asked if I wanted to sign up for their giveaway of the Peopoly Phenom printer. I told everyone watching me on stream at the time that if I won it, I would give it away as a Mothership prize... and guess what? I won lol. So as I stated, the December UFO Mothership prize is a Peopoly Phenom Large Scale Resin Printer!


Congrats to Patrick for receiving the December 2019 Filaments Only Scout Ship Box!


Congrats to Chris T. for receiving the December 2019 Project & Accessory Science Ship Box!


The Filaments Only Scout Ship and the Project & Accessory Science Ship Boxes are given to one random subscriber signed up for those boxes and receive a full UFO box with the filament, projects and accessory for that month!

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  • Zyltech 15% Off
  • Gloop 10% Off
  • Shea Street Pin
  • Zyltech Sticker
  • Andes Mints Candy

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Filament Samples

All filament samples are at least 20 meters in length (actually more, I increased the length to eat up the extra filament being left behind on the rolls)


Neko's Hot Rod Red Silk • Silk Blue • Silk Gold • Silk Green

Extrusion Temp: 200 to 220C
Bed Temp: 35-60C
20 to 35/mms

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It's Beginning to Look a lot like a Zyltech Christmas!

I approached Zyltech with the idea to get a UFO with a few of their silk filaments as they are very Chrismasy in my opinion. I love silks, so I was really happy when they told me they'd also be happy to sponsor the UFO this month. I hope you all are happy with the choice of filaments!


Bonus Accessory!

75ml (2.5oz) Gloop PETG

Last year's December UFO contained a 75ml bottle of PLA Gloop, and this year the Andrew's and I thought it would be great to continue on the tradition with their new PET Gloop!
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Bonus Project!

Wind Powered Snow Globe

I think the Christmas projects are becoming my favorite! This year is simple, though a bit bigger of a print. The elves needed to do a couple last minute changes, so another test print is currently under way. But in initial testing it was pretty cool... will update soon!

Thank you G33kTech for designing this month's project!

Parts included in the UFO:

  • 120mm x 105mm acrylic globe
  • 10mm x 40mm 5v Fan
  • 4 AA Battery Pack with on/off switch
  • 1/4 cup of foam micro beads.
Alien Head Base
Airflow Components
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Project Instructions

So I am at a loss, I tried numerous mods over the last week, but I think the fan just is too weak to work as I had intended it to do.

The above GIF is the best effect I can get. Just the base printed with some of the beads in the bowl and the fan on.

I'll post some pics below of the various experiments, but none are very amazing =(

Step 1

Feed the wires from the fan down the hole


Step 2

screw the fan to the base and put a piece of tule or cotten in the hole to prevent any beads leaking out.


Step 3

Cut the wires on the fan and twist or solder the wires together from the batter pack. Red to red and black/red to black.


Step 4

Insert batteries and snug the battery back into the bottom of the base with the on/off switch down. I would not recommend glueing in the battery pack as you'll want to change the batteries if they die. If you're experiencing that the pack doesn't stay in, wedge some paper between the battery back and base.


Option 1

Secure some tule onto the bowl with a rubberband and experiment with the amount of beads to get the best effect.


Option 2

Leave off the tule and let it popcorn around to get the most snow blizzard.


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