Challenging the 3D Printer Community

I am challenging the 3D Printing community to challenge me to a duel! I challenge everyone to come up with a challenge that you and I can duel it out on! Whether it is a design challenge, design and print, print something that’s out there on a 3D Printer model site, or coming up with a 3D Printer accessory… whatever you can come up with! Additionally, there will be rewards! What kind of rewards you ask? The kind that you come up with! If you’re going to challenge me, then you’re also coming up with the reward! As long as it’s monetarily reasonable, like a roll of filament or 3D printer parts… whatever! You have to agree to send me the reward if I beat you! And I promise to send you the reward if you beat me! All submissions will be voted on using a twitter poll so that the 3D printing community can vote on who did it best!

Join me in this awesome adventure, and let’s have some fun!

If you would like to sponsor the rewards for a challenge, please contact me!

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