Alien3D! What’s going on?!?

This morning I made an announcement of a clearance sale, and expectedly started getting messages of concern lol. So let me start off with… Everything is okay! I can’t go into all of the details yet, but I’ll tell you what I can.

Almost four years ago now I started Alien3D because I had an idea that I thought would be cool… mixing 3D Printing with STEM related projects to show people that 3D Printing could be about more than just printing pretty things. Fun, functional, useless, helpful… projects that I wanted to inspire people with. Even if the projects absolutely sucked for the month, y’all took what I sent and still got creative and made something. Over the years I’ve gotten messages from many of you how I’ve inspired your kids and grandkids into getting into electronics. I’ve heard stories of parents and grand parents bonding with their children and grand children while working on projects or printing things out of the samples for presents. You’ve made me cry, smile, laugh, and I truly thank you all so much for supporting me throughout the years.

Two years into Alien3D, I though I’d gotten to a point where I should expand I to more than just the UFO. I reached out and partnered with great companies like 3D Gloop, IC3D, Slice, E3D, Bondtech, Magigoo, Micro Swiss, Captubes, Artillery, Kimya, Hello 3D, Gina from Octoprint, ProjectR3d, Antclabs and 3D Fused. Some of the partnerships didn’t work out, and some are still growing strong. I regret nothing. However I think my ambitions were bigger than I should have acted on. I got loans, I worked out ways to expand, and recently I’ve realized that I built a house without making sure the foundation was secure. I have tens of thousand of dollars of inventory that just isn’t moving. Somewhere along the way I messed up, and I need to take a step back.

I know many of you have become friends and family and loyal customers, and I absolutely appreciate all of the support! Through the good times, the bad times and the REALLY really bad times, a lot of you have had my back no matter what. I cannot thank you enough!

But I’ve also failed a lot of you. Though I’ve made strides towards simplifying logistics for UFO’s, this past month really tore me down. UFOs are always later than expected, I hate that as it is. But this month was the first month that I couldn’t even get them out in the month they were for. That kills me. I’m not going to give excuses, but I want you all to know that I give you my deepest apologies.

So… now what? Well, as you all know I’m just one dude who does it all here at Alien3D. My living area has been overtaken with inventory, 3D printers, filament, and an absolutely enormous pile of empty spools that has been dubbed Mount Alien3D…

But I’m getting head of myself… I cannot give many details yet due to NDAs and nothing being finalized yet, but there are some huge changes coming soon. One of which I should be able to announce closer to January, the other will probably be around Aprilish. Because of these changes, the only thing I can guarantee all of you is that UFOs will be taken care of and not going to disappear. Even if the 2 things I’m working on don’t go anywhere, I need to get back to basics. That’s why I’m selling off everything else, because no matter what happens… UFOs are what got me started, and UFOs are what makes me happy.

December UFOs are going to be late again, I can’t think of a way to avoid it. Last month really put me behind with a lot of things not just with Alien3D, but with personal things as well. I am a business, my priorities have and always will be my customers, my friends, and my family. But I also need to make sure that I am taken care of in order for me to make sure that you are taken care of.

One way or another, great things are about to happen. All I can ask is for you to trust me, to please continue to support the UFO, forgive me for my failures, and to let you know that I’ll always have your backs the way that you’ve had mine the last 4 years.

Thank you,
Josh ~Alien3D

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  1. Beautiful filament. I just got two rolls of the Alien Ooze. A little late to the party, but saw your filament on 3D Printing Nerd and knew I had to get some. Can’t wait to see what the future hold for you but rest assured I’ll be here.

  2. No worries at all.. great projects I can share with my grandkids… Quality filaments… Great tools and trinkets.

    I’m with you for the long haul.

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