Alien3D is hiring! Sort of… lol

I am looking for a couple 3D model designers that would be interested in designing models on a semi-monthly basis. I want to be able to rotate out modellers so they’re not feeling rushed to get something done every month. The models will be exclusive models provided to subscribers each month in our mystery boxes, and what the models are would be completely up to you. The models will be hosted on Alien3D as a product and claimable only by the subscribers via codes supplied in the subscription boxes and delivered via encrypted links that can’t be shared. If you’d like, the models could also be available for purchase on the site and 100% of the sales (minus bank fees) would go to you. I will be paying for these models at a rate that is dependent on the number of subscribers each month, so an amount per subscriber. Currently that amount would be $225 per model and would go up if the subscriber count climbs. Exact numbers can be discussed if you’re interested. Please feel free to DM me on Twitter @alienslacker or email

Thank you!
Josh ~Alien3D

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