3D Printer Filaments

Below is a list of filaments that I use, my settings I print with in Cura, and my opinion on the filament. Prices are subject to change, and links are affiliate links though Amazon.

3D Mars

  • Black PLA – $18.99 – http://amzn.to/2FYw9VS
    • This has been a great PLA, I’m on my 2nd roll now. I haven’t had any problems with it at all.
    • Another thing I like about this roll is that it comes in a 1.2kg spool where most other generics are 1kg and premiums are 750g or less
    • Bed Temp: 55
    • Hotend: 205

3D Solutech


  • PETG Transparent Garnet – $29.95 / 1kg – https://www.3dxtech.com/max-g-petg-3d-filament-1-kg
    • The color of this filament is amazing. For a cheap PETG filament, this really printed pretty awesome. Layer lines were nearly non-existant and I didn’t get a lot of stringing like I normally do with other cheap PETG filaments. I can’t wait to use this again for a project.
    • Bed Temp: 80
    • Hotend: 250
    • Side Note:
      • I had a few fails as my extruder kept failing to feed it (completely my printer’s fault not the filament), but I was finally able to get the extruder tension set good enough to finish a print. I’m really starting to hate Bowden setup as this is the 3rd filament the Bowden setup has caused me to have a hard time.
  • PETG Transparent Sapphire – $29.95 / 1kg – https://www.3dxtech.com/max-g-petg-3d-filament-1-kg
    • Have not used yet





  • White PETG – $22.99 – http://amzn.to/2FVVRKG
    • This was my first PETG and I liked it so much that I bought a 2nd roll. Because it’s white, if you get nozzle boogers it can suck to have a black blob in your print somewhere, but it’s been a consistent quality filament
    • Bed Temp: 80
    • Hotend: 235


  • Green ABS – $13.99 – http://amzn.to/2FXKzVW
    • I can’t wait until this filament is gone, not that it’s been bad quality… when I can actually get it to not warp I really like how the prints come out. BUT, it stinks so bad in my little dungeon, and the warping…
      • Bed Temp: 85
      • Hotend: 240